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Second Transnational Project Meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus

The second of the September meetings was a meeting of the VIDEOTEACH project consortium. This time the partners met in the capital of the Republic of Cyprus – Nicosia.

The main point of this meeting was the finalization of the first project result, which is the creation of a competence profile for future video teachers, based on EU qualification structures and quality principles. This project deliverable is now coming to the final stage and we will be pleased to present it to you soon.

We have also used the meeting to not only plan, but actually schedule the topics and tasks related to the second and third deliverables of this project, which are the development of a methodology to create an analysis of teachers’ video skills, competence recognition, and training needs identification and a follow-up online video course.

INQUIRER.NET: “Agroecology helps farmers cushion climate impact

Here you are another interesting article about agroecology and the climate change. You can read on this link from

Agrosilver meeting in Agen

Last Monday July 11th, in the Agrosilver project context, the ninth meeting of the project took place in the Chamber of Agriculture Lot-et-Garonne, Agen (France). Between the participants we could find representatives of all the countries involved in the project.

Regarding the results expected in a short-medium term after the meeting can be highlighted:

– The video platform will soon reach more than 100 videos in more than 7 languages
– All the videos will have original language subtitles
– The videos will be available to be played with subtitles in more than 20 languages

Agrosilver project “Integrating silver knowledge from agroecology into the VET systems” is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and involve the cooperation of partners from Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, France and Malta during the years 2020 to 2023.

The project develops video resources, video training material and video tools for farmers and teachers interested in increasing their knowledge on Agroecology.

For more information: Agrosilver

RESILENCE.ORG: “Could agroecology save Colombia’s farming crisis?”

Here you are an interesting article about the agroecology as a way to save Colombia’s farming crisis.

Savvas Halloumis with experience/advice/tips regarding eco-farming in Bulgaria

As part of our interviews with entrepreneurs busy in organic agriculture, partner EcologyKM visited Savvas Halloumis, producer of his own ComBio ComBio bio-organic fertilizer in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria. This work has been done in the context of the AgroSilver Value Erasmus+ project initiative.

MONITOR.CO: “Let’s shift to agroecology for healthy food,  good soils”

Here you can see an interesting about the importance of agroecology published in MONITOR.CO: “Current agriculture practice has also contributed to soil degradation, misuse of natural resources predominantly using chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, causing severe water quality problems in rivers, lakes, and the ocean. It is also the single biggest driver of biodiversity loss”

Social Fair 2022

More than 100 social enterprises, cooperatives and non-governmental organizations from Bulgaria and abroad presented their products and services during the 10-th anniversary edition of the European Forum of the representatives of social and solidarity economy at the Plovdiv Fair.

The forum was opened by Vice President of Bulgaria Iliana Yotova, by Minister of Social Affairs Georgi Gokov, by Ministers of Agriculture and Tourism Ivan Ivanov and Hristo Prodanov. Our organization participated with a booth, which was visited by the European Commissioner Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit. The representatives of our organization presented to the European Commissioner our ongoing projects funded by the Erasmus + program.

AGROSILVER: Making news videos with tips about eco-farming

We are soon releasing 50+ videos with advice and tips regarding eco-farming and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. These have been prepared by our Bulgarian partner EcologyKM.

This project, AgroSilver Value, provides a new approach for the development of professionals in the agriculture sector. The develops innovative content and tools to support the sector in the learning of students, allowing specially teachers to increase their teaching methods and contents. The project tools can support teachers and students with new attractive content, 100% video content and work-based, and allow them to improve their current learning methodologies. With the provided tools, the attractiveness of agricultural teaching can be increased, both for the teacher and the student, and the teachers will be able to develop better own curricula.

Students from the Higher School of Agribusiness and Regional Development from the Veliko Tarnovo Branch became members of the AGROSILVER project

Students from the Higher School of Agribusiness and Regional Development from the Veliko Tarnovo Branch became members of the project No 2020-1-FR01-KA202-080028, “Integrating silver knowledge from Аgroecology into the VET system”, under the Erasmus + program. The project offers a new approach to the development of professionals in the agricultural sector. The selected students had combines their studies and had developed their own business in the ecological agricultural sector. The project aim is to develop innovative content and training tools. The Bulgarian experts of the project interviewed Valentina Petrova, who is engaged in beekeeping, fruit grower Ivan Atanaschev, owner of a meat processing plant Pavlin Petrov and tenant Martin Ivanov. The entrepreneurs shared the difficulties they had faced in their work and had explained about the problems in the field of ecological agriculture.The project platform will allow stakeholders to enrich their knowledge and improve pedagogical tools and instruments for education in ecological agriculture sector.