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Krishijagran: “What is Ecological Farming? Meaning, Principle and More!

“Modern innovation and research are combined with a concern for the environment and biodiversity in ecological farming. Read this article to know the meaning, principles, and benefits of ecological farming” Here you are an interesting post about ecological farming published in krishijagran by Sonali Behera.

Resilience: “Agroecology – A promising alternative to the biodiversity crisis in agriculture and industrial food systems”

Agroecology builds biodiversity into agriculture and food systems and should be a focus of global biodiversity conservation efforts as if lives and nature depend on it – because they do“. Here you can read an interesting article about agroecology published in

Cordis: “A pan-European network to boost agroecology”

“Agroecology projects are taking root across Europe. The EU-funded AE4EU project aims to spread best practices through improved networking and infrastructure”. Here you are an interesting article about the AE4EU proyect.

Brusselstimes:”Farmers and gardeners hail agroecology as the future of agriculture”

“What will the agriculture of tomorrow look like? Some believe that it will take the form of what is known as agroecology, an agricultural practice that focuses on the soil” Here you can read an interesting article about the importance of agroecology published by

Bristol 247: How could agroecology contribute to the fight against climate change?

“Two activists from Nicaragua recently visited Bristol, visiting small farms and holding exchanges on agro-ecology”. Here you can read an interesting article about the importance of agroecology to fight against climate change. Published in Bristol 247.

Plovdiv Agrosilver Value meeting

Last Monday October 31st the tenth consortium project meeting of Agrosilver Value took place in EcologyKM premises located in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). Some of the highlighted conclusions from the meeting are:

  • It is expected that all the videos are visible on the platform in high quality by the end of the year.
  • During 2023 firsts six months the pilot courses will be developed in all the participant countries.
  • New content is expected to be uploaded to the platform as the project length has been extended some months.

Agrosilver project “Integrating silver knowledge from agroecology into the VET systems” is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and involve the cooperation of partners from Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Malta and Estonia during the years 2020 to 2023.

The project develops video resources, video training material and video tools for farmers and teachers interested in increasing their knowledge on Agroecology.

More information in

FOODTANK: “New Reports Make the Case for Food Systems as a Climate Solution”

“Food and agriculture systems are on the agenda at the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP27) this year for the first time. In addition to more than 300 live events, new reports from WWF, IPES-Food, and the Global Alliance for the Future of Food are helping to prioritize food systems at these critical conversations in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt”

Here you can read this interesting article published in

Agrosilver video: organic cherry

As you know, in this site you can find video resources, video training material and video tools which will allow you to increase your knowledge and also improve the way you teach other people about agro ecology. In our video platform you can find a lot of videos and here you can see one of them about organic cherry in Spain. The Experience of an ecological farmer with a long history in agroecology in the Valle del Jerte region, the basis of his management, the improvement of soil fertility.